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7 Poor students clear IIT-JEE via ‘TAPAS’ ; a unique initiative of Rashtrotthana Parishat, Bangalore

Bangalore June 27: A son of a daily-wage construction laborer topping the IIT-JEE entrance exam? Son of daily wage earners getting into the top notch and premier technical universities of the country? Are situations like these possible these days? Yes! Why not? When noble institutions like ‘TAPAS‘, an intiative of RSS inspired Rashtrotthana Parishat Bangalore; take up yeoman tasks of uplifting sections of the society such miracles do happen! Do read further…Prashanth, son of a construction worker and Ragahavendra Valmiki, son of a daily wage earner always dreamed of studying in India’s premier technological institutions like the IIT but their financial background and conditions at home threatened to derail their dreams. Thousands of such bright young minds have such dreams but are forced to hold back due to their financial and social status. But today Prashanth, having secured the 255th rank and Ragahavendra Valmiki getting the 1007th rank in IIT-JEE have ensured a promising future th…