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School Kit - Each One Donate One & Invitation For School Kit Distribution 2014

Seva Sahayog Trust, Pune -
The school kit event is almost complete, and you can sign up for a distribution event here. We are writing to you with a different purpose though. We are falling short of donations for the school kits this year, and may have to cut down on some educational aid that we give out every year. This email comes with a request to you to kindly donate atleast one kit. If you have already donated, consider donating one more. (ofcourse, the more the better) Please forward this email to friends and colleagues requesting them to donate a school kit. If we go with the mantra of "each one donate one", we will meet this years target. To donate, please click here Thanks in advance.  Also, We would like to thank you for your enthusiastic support for School Kit Distribution Programs. Over 120 volunteers participated in last week's distribution programs. We need to give more school bags to those needy students. Various NGO’s and schools have shared their kit dist…