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Board exam results are out, and they have passed with flying colours. Yes, with the board results of 2014, the children of the backward classes have once again proved themselves and the fact that with the right kind of environment, these children can realize their true potential. By securing more than 80 and 90 percentage, the students at Gopal Dham residential school has made us proud and set the flag of Sewa Bharti flying high.
Children at Gopal Dham lead a much disciplined life and works very hard towards achieving their goals. Their sheer hard work that they have put in for years, have reaped then a good harvest, which can be seen in their board exam results.
These children who are destitute and belong to the backward class are a deprived lot and needs the support of privileged ones in society to find their foothold in today’s competitive world. Their life is one of struggle and hardship, but they are no less than anyone in terms of possessing v potential and talents. Their raw tale…