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Dr. Hedgewar Rugnalaya : Babasaheb Ambedkar Vaidyakiya Pratishthan

Babasaheb Ambedkar Vaidyakiya Pratishthan is a charitable trustregistered in 1988 by few motivated doctors who came together to bring a social change through healthcare. They started Dr. Hedgewar Rugnalaya at Aurangabad in 1989 and since then this institute is running many social activities apart from excellent patient care. It has achieved high level of faith & love amongst poor people of Marathwada region.In the last 24 years the hospital has treated 35 lakhs patients (majority of which at concessional rates or free of cost) and helped hundreds of poor families to lead a life with self respect. Infrastructure spread out in approx 2 lakh sq. ft area.To replicate such a noble work elsewhere, it was realized that there was a need to create awareness among young doctors.
Then a program started to groom & nurture medical students since their admission in medical colleges. This endeavor to sensitize and foster young doctors is relentlessly carried out for last 11 years. Few young s…