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Appeal to support Jammu kashmir flood victims: Sewabharati

Natural Calamities may strike anybody, anytime in any region. The flood due to continuous raining for past few days in Jammu & Kashmir has caused, 1.Thousands of people are trapped 2. Death toll in Jammu region 105 and Kashmir region 15. 3.Hundreds of houses have been swept away 4. Roads are blocked due to landslides.
Sewa Bharati J&K with hundreds of Karyakartas are working day & night, to rescue thousands of people trapped, arranging the last rites of the dead, the temporary shelter for the homeless, distributing blankets & warm clothes, arranging langars, milk for children, medical aid etc, there are much bigger task of assessing the loss of human lives, cattles, houses etc. The roads are being repaired by the govt/army.
Now for the time being it is a clarion call to all the citizens of this country, NGOs, other philanthropist organizations, corporates to rise to the occasion and help our needy brethren in Jammu & Kashmir to come out of the present crisis by donating g…