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Hedgewar Rugnalaya

Welcome to Hedgewar Rugnalaya 

The hospital today is the nucleus of all activities that surround this very thought and school that propagates the theory of ‘Nation’ over country. And when people come together on their own volition, a seamless team begins to weave an equally seamless path towards the objective. The main reason for what the hospital has achieved today and continues to is in fact that unlike the commercial mentality everywhere, here at the hospital a deeply devoted and dedicated thought process is in place and everybody works towards that common objective! "We commit to provide excellent, transparent, ever growing and compassionate health services to all with special emphasis on common man.” “With inspiration from Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, through various initiatives, we will forge a nationalistic, self reliant, strong and cohesive society!"

The year 1989 saw seven young doctors coming weave a dream...a dream of a ‘NATION’...not merely a notion…