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Samvedana: triggering passion for life among handicapped

Handicapped children are a great cause of concern for parents. Such parents have to carry the piles of sorrow on their head throughout their life. Their heart breaks at every moment while witnessing the fact that their children cannot lead a normal life like the other ones. Samvedana Rehabilitation Centre has come to the rescue of such children that enables them lead a normal life by boosting their confidence. All parents have a dream that their child should excel in every walk of life. However, destiny plays a cruel game with some people. Suresh Patil is one such victim. His son was born with multiple physical disorders. However, instead of grieving over the issue, Mr and Mrs Patil began to discover the way through which their son can stand on his own feet. One thing they realized was that their son is not sick; he is disabled. Like various kinds of other disabilities, this can also be overcome and their son can also become self sufficient to a maximum extent. 
Patil couple initiated …