Free ambulance service by man who saved the life of Jagathy: Sevabharathi Kerala

  21st January 2013
Unnikrishnan in front of his ambulance near the main venue of the arts festival.

At a time when people are too busy to lend a helping hand to even those bleeding to death on roads, Unnikrishnan, a native of Valanchery, is an exception.
This ambulance driver provided free services to the participants and officials at the venue of the State Arts  Festival that concluded here on Sunday.
And that is not for the first time, Unni offers his services during the Thrissur Pooram and also in Mini Pamba near Kuttippuram at the time of Sabarimala pilgrimage.
Unnikrishnan, 43, a bachelor, has been driving the Sevabharathi ambulance for the past two years and has decided to dedicate his life to serve the people.
Speaking about his services to the society, there is one thing that the art lovers in the state should know about Unni. He saved the life of ace comedian Jagathy Sreekumar by shifting him to the hospital from the accident spot in time.
“This job gave me a kind of satisfaction. People now recognise me as the person who saved the life of Jagathy sir.
I was not aware until I reached the hospital that the person I shifted from the accident spot was Jagathy sir,” Unni said. He adds that every life is important, no matter whose is it.
He met Jagathy at the Vellore Medical College two weeks before Onam.


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