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Sewa International Activity update from #NepalQuakeRelief

are so energising say volunteers at Bhaktapur village the most affected , Pragyik Vidyarthi Parishad Nepal, Jankalyan Pratisthan working for 10,000 Blankets and 10,000 Tarpaulins have been ordered from and are on way to today Dry food packs arranged - Communications still huge set back to relief activity e-mail /internet not workingRelief camp in quake ravaged Bhaktapur. 20,000 people provided aid in this area. and already working on resources to be sent to

Sewa International appeal for Rehabilitation of Nepal Earthquake victims

Over 8 million affected by Nepals worst earthquake and 2.7 million of them are children in need of vital aid, Sewa International appeals for support to our brethren in one of the most poorest countries of the world. 
At least 940,000 children living in areas severely affected by yesterday's earthquake in Nepal are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.
The death toll from the earthquake could reach 10,000, Nepal's prime minister said Tuesday.
More than 1.4 million people affected by Saturday's devastating earthquake in Nepal are in need of food assistance
Nepal needs our shoulder, our compassionate action not just compassion, please join hands as global  citizens to make Nepal stand with pride. Be a part of rehabilitation and relief for the Nepalese.... 
Rehabilitation agencies have estimated that rebuilding the Earthquake hit areas of Nepal will take $5 billion at a minimum. Sewa International has set a target of raising a minimum of $1 million for this cause. Thus far, we…

SEWABHARATI volunteers co-ordinate Nepal relief work

Sewa International is engaged in supporting the relief operations in Nepal through partner organizations like Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh Nepal, Pragyik Vidyarthi Parishad Nepal, Jankalyan Pratisthan and some other voluntary organizations. 200 local volunteers have been engaged presently but the challenge is paucity of relief material. 
 conduct surveys for relief and Rehab in 
Some villages reported to have 70% of houses destroyed 
 established 17 years ago in Nepal. Presently, 1262 Ekal Vidyalayas are running in 30 Districts of Nepal 
85 full time volunteers of  working in 
National Medicos Organisation has sent 50 doctors to Nepal Relief. 
 Doctors, mostly specialists in tackling disaster cases, are members of National Medicos Organisation ready for 
 Volunteers pooled in from safer parts of Nepal to Kathmandu an…

How to help victims of the Nepal earthquake: On a Mission to support #NepalEarthQuake #Relief 680 #SewaNepal Volunteers

Sewabharati teams along with sister Organisations Sewa Nepal, HSS Nepal are the first few volunteers on the ground immediately after the worstever Earthquake hit Nepal. They are on the ground in Kathmandu and Pokhara two big urban centers surrounded by affected villages in rescue and relief operations supporting the Nepalese police and paramedics. There are 680 volunteers working on rescue alone in the effected areas.

The volunteers are forming co-odination committees to work with all those working on the ground. The volunteers are providing drinking water, food packets, clothes, temporary shelter, medicines for the needy. 

Volunteers from Kushinagar and Maharajganj Jilla, the 2 northern most districts of Uttara Pradesh and also from few Border regions of Bihar; joined the rescue operations hours after the occurrence of the great tragedy. Joint General Secretary Sri Dattatreya Hosabole is in Nepal to help Sewa Nepal to plan rescue and relief work.

How to help victims of the Nepal earthq…