How to help victims of the Nepal earthquake: On a Mission to support #NepalEarthQuake #Relief 680 #SewaNepal Volunteers

Sewabharati teams along with sister Organisations Sewa Nepal, HSS Nepal are the first few volunteers on the ground immediately after the worstever Earthquake hit Nepal. They are on the ground in Kathmandu and Pokhara two big urban centers surrounded by affected villages in rescue and relief operations supporting the Nepalese police and paramedics. There are 680 volunteers working on rescue alone in the effected areas.

The volunteers are forming co-odination committees to work with all those working on the ground. The volunteers are providing drinking water, food packets, clothes, temporary shelter, medicines for the needy. 

Volunteers from Kushinagar and Maharajganj Jilla, the 2 northern most districts of Uttara Pradesh and also from few Border regions of Bihar; joined the rescue operations hours after the occurrence of the great tragedy. Joint General Secretary Sri Dattatreya Hosabole is in Nepal to help Sewa Nepal to plan rescue and relief work.

How to help victims of the Nepal earthquake

Urgent Relief Material

Dry Ration
Matches and Candles
Tarpaulins and thick plastic sheets
Blankets and Sleeping Bags
Feeding bottles
Baby  Food
Sanitary napkins
Essential Medicine
Feeding bottles

The Priority : 

Temporary shelter, ready-to-eat meals and water purification and latrine construction, emergency supplies for shelter, cooking and hygiene

List of Medicines Required:

Non Prescription: Oral rehydration salts, Zinc sulphate, Paracetamol, lbuprofen, First Aid Kit, Betadine, Hydrogen peroxide, Vitamin C, Iron Sulfate (FeSo4), Zinc, Multivitamins

Prescription: Amoxicilin; Doxycline; Ciprofloxacin; Norflox TZ; Anti tetanus lg; Permethrin Cream 5%; Lindane lotion 1%; Salbutamol; Nebules + nebulizer

Material Required: Large quantities of good quality blankets, woolens, tarpaulin, basic medicines, utensils, good quality solar torches, buckets, torch and batteries, umbrellas, water purifier tablets, crutches, candles, rope. Also, old flex banners, mats, contributions for Sanitary pads & Sujnis

Help Line No. +977 1420 0105, +977 1420 0257 - National Emergency OP Center

Million of people have last their homes and everything else, thousands more are missing and loss of property is immense. Please join hands to help Nepali earth quake victims.

Lets Join hands and help the needy Victims of Nepal Earthquake

Online donations at Sewa USA website 

For Local Donations-   
Sewa International        Account No.- 10080533304          
Jhandewala Extn Branch(Delhi)    

State Bank of India       
Branch Code – 9371    
Swift Code- SBININBB550           
IFS Code - SBIN0009371  

For Foreign Donations-         
Sewa International        Account No.- 10080533326          
Jhandewala Extn Branch(Delhi)    
State Bank of India       
Branch Code- 9371      
Swift Code- SBININBB550           
IFS Code - SBIN0009371

Tel: +91 11 23232850 +91 11 23232850 +91 11 23232850 or 23684445

Email: sewainternationaldelhi {at] gmail (dot) com


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