#Sewabharati #Arogyabharati doctors serve Pregnant woman in needin #NepalRelief

Baby brings joy amidst devastation

A team of 8 Doctors representing Arogya Bharati Haryana state who had an experience to share.

The bus carrying these Doctors was headed towards Jalbire, a village close to China border. However, the bus came to a halt due to a landslide. The doctors with the kits of medicines decided to walk rest of the distance to Jalbire only to find that there was an emergency case awaiting them. A pregnant lady was undergoing labor pains and there was no one to attend. The local Doctor at Public Health Center had directed the lady to Kathmandu hospital it being a complicated case. The Team of Doctors swung into action and operated the lady inside the ambulance itself to deliver a baby boy successfully. The new born was named "Bharat" in consultation with the family and father of the boy. It proved to be a moment of joy for the whole village and a time to celebrate amidst devastation.

Courtesy: Sewa volunteers on the field in Nepal relief


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