A step towards Autism awareness by Navachetana : Sevabharathi Mangalore

Mangaluru, Apr 2: In terms of autism awareness in our cities, most of them fall behind. But the efforts are to make people aware of autism -Navachetana Communication Development centre, Mangalore is at its best to educate more people, especially parents of the autistic child.On World Autism Awareness Day, they conducted Autism Avenue for parents and public to spread awareness about Autistic Spectrum Disorders.
Autistic Spectrum Disorders - Autism is a group of complex disorders of brain development and biologically based neurodevelopment disability that inhibits a person’s ability to communicate and develop social relations, may also accompanied by behavioral changes without any particular reason.
Any child suffering with Autism if diagnosed in a early stage, Early Intervention (EI), helps these children to make considerable improvement in overall skills and helps them to join any mainstream schools.
Navachetana centre is a unit of Sevabharathi, affiliated with Com Deall formally inaugurated on March 22nd 2014, working on Early Intervention program with kids of less than 6yrs of age andsuccessfullyfinished its 1st year with good improvement in children.
On 28th March 2015, Navachetana centre grandly celebrated its Annual day Celebrations. Chief Guest Dr. Ravish Thunga, HOD in A.J. Institute of Medical Sciences, Mangalore, formally inaugurated the function with lighting of lamp along with Dr. U.V.Shenoy, Director of Navachetana centre and Mrs. Priya, Clinical coordinator, Navachetana 

Aparent of a kid at Navachetana centre shared her experiences with all other parents. She is very happy onimprovement of her son who is 3yrs11months. She also explained to all parents how to work with their kids everyday during their daily activities and motivatedthem, which helps their children with mainstream.
Dr. Ravish Thunga, Psychiatrist, with more than 20 years of experience in treating behaviorally disordered patients both adult and pediatrics, shared his experiences and gave suggestions to parents about how to cope up with these special children and importance of early intervention program. He was very happy by the combined effort of Com Deall and Navachetana in providing evidence based early intervention and their untiring efforts to give the best possible treatment to the children with autism in Mangalore and ensured his complete support for the upcoming endeavors of the centre and conveyed best wishes to the entire team of Navachetana.

Dr. Prathibha Karanth, Managing Trustee and Director, The Com Deall Trust, Bangalore, although personally unavailable for annual day function, sent her wishes through mail by lauding Dr. U.V. Shenoy and the board of trustees for the professional manner in which they went about meeting the requirements for an affiliation with our Trust. Right from infrastructure, team, generating awareness, all aspects were handled methodically and systematically and proved that a strong management is the key toa unit’s success.She said that the dedicated and sincere efforts put in by all the therapists in the team and their constant meetings with the parents and educating them about how to deal with children at home and correcting them have helped a lot in the recovery of these kids.
Mrs R. Priya physiotherapist and clinical coordinator detailed annual report of Navachetana centre about the process of recruitment of children with autism in the centre, planning of goals, strategies to achieve goals, reassessments, discussions with com-deall trust, profiling and their path of success throughout the year which was started last year with 2 children and presently have 15 children receiving the therapy. She also said, their team not only giving the best treatment for autistic children but also playing a major role in grooming upcoming therapists from various colleges in Mangalore who comes for training and acquires knowledge about treatment of speech, gross motor, fine motor, and behavioral issues in children with autism. She thanked all the pediatricians in and around Mangalore for referring autistic children to their centre. She praised the efforts of parents and their interest on their children which is actually a backbone for the centre to run successfully and think beyond the expectations to reach as many children as possible and make them get benefit from the experts. 

In this annual day celebrations, children from centre participated in many cultural programs and received awards from Chief Guest for their performance in various activities which were conducted on Sport’s Day, 24th March 2015.
Team of Navachetana Communication Development Centre is looking forward to help many children and parents with their qualitative treatment and help them to mainstream.

For more information and help, contact:
Navachetana -Com DEALL Unit
Seva Bharathi(R),
VT Road, Mangalore
Email id: navachetanamangalore@gmail.com.


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