Students from school for special children Keshav Sewa Sadhna, Goa win Gold at #SpecialOlympic : Sewabharati

Three students of the school for special children named Keshav Sewa Sadhna ( situated at Dicholi, Goa have shined the name, not only of their school but their state Goa in the world of sports, crossing the seven seas in the list of the famous students of the whole world.

   These our three champion children are Kushal Resham, Riya Gavde and Urmila Parab.
These children were selected to participate in the Special Olympic world summer games organized in Los-Angeles America from 25th July to 3rdAugust 2015, along with children of 175 other participating countries. These three students not only participated in the Olympic sports but returned to Bharat with pride of winning the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

     Among these three students Kushal Resham is very gentle and friendly boy. He does work or play with full concentration & determination. He started learning skating in the age of nine years. He is now fourteen years old. He is a fearless boy.  He belongs to a poor family. To his hard work and determination he got this victory. He won Gold medal in 1000 meters roller skating, other gold medal in 200 meters Relay and Bronze medal in 300 metres. There were eighteen children from Goa, only Kushal had won two gold medals.

    The other girl student is Riya Ravinder Gavde. She also belongs to a very simple family of Pali village of the tribal region. She joined Hyderabad coaching camp at the age of eight years and at thirteen years of age she won Bronze medal in 1000 meter roller skating and silver medals in 300 meter rink and relay also.

    The third girl student is Urmila Uday Parab. Very less talking Urmila had won Bronze medal in 300 meter roller skating in little age reaching Los-Angeles America.

      Belonging from very normal families these three students have done abnormal work. In January 2015 all these three had reserved their seats for international Olympic winning gold, silver and bronze medals in National Championship held in Bareily, U.P. They had shown their spirit in camps held in Haryana, Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi and with restless hard work hoisted their flag in America.

             Their instructor Shri. Premanad Ji Naik has also shown his ability to give them training, coaching and practice regularly for half an hour daily. Because of being special children their parents are very emotional, so that they do not get any problem or injury.

             Their parents did not agree to send their children so far easily. But Sh. Premanad Ji always convinced them with rising the skills and trust in children. Away from their parents, friends and teachers, in the other country with different atmosphere, culture, people and language where a matured man will be nervous, these children have shown limitless bravery and courage. We are short of words to praise them. Today we bless them on behalf of the people of Goa state - to long live and always hoist the flag of success.   


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