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Nanadhanam Balasadanam : Sevabharathi KOCHI

(A project of samskriti bhavan, kochi –For boys)

Hundreds of thousands of orphan kids! Some are thrown to the streets immediately after the birth! Some turn orphans due to acute poverty! Some others are hapless due to severe family feuds caused by reckless alcoholism. Whatever the reason may be, the fate remains the same - All are helpless, homeless and hopeless ... in deep agony of grief and tears!
Really pity, we come across this in a country of self styled heirs of great and ancient culture and civilization. We are the descendants of great souls who sacrificed the kingdoms, the royal glitters and comforts and even heaven for the sake of their fellow beings. Still our great Bharath Matha gives births to scores of infant orphans. We all are duty bound to put an end to this pathetic situation. It is our duty to give helping hands to them and lift them to the main stream of human life.Nandanam Balasadanam was launched in 2007 for the aforementioned set goal. It is run in a …