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SEWABHARATI volunteers co-ordinate Nepal relief work

Sewa International is engaged in supporting the relief operations in Nepal through partner organizations like Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh Nepal, Pragyik Vidyarthi Parishad Nepal, Jankalyan Pratisthan and some other voluntary organizations. 200 local volunteers have been engaged presently but the challenge is paucity of relief material. 
 conduct surveys for relief and Rehab in 
Some villages reported to have 70% of houses destroyed 
 established 17 years ago in Nepal. Presently, 1262 Ekal Vidyalayas are running in 30 Districts of Nepal 
85 full time volunteers of  working in 
National Medicos Organisation has sent 50 doctors to Nepal Relief. 
 Doctors, mostly specialists in tackling disaster cases, are members of National Medicos Organisation ready for 
 Volunteers pooled in from safer parts of Nepal to Kathmandu an…