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#AidWorkers of #Sewabharati #NepalRelief share their experience serving at Morgue

Sugreeva- the Hero
Handling dead bodies is the last act that anyone would like to do. When there is a mound of dead bodies to be handled during the calamity, no one would like to touch. It was the similar story for couple of days at the Teaching Hospital mortuary. Police personnel deployed there preferred to look the other way as the bodies arrived. 

Yet, a young man stood constantly through the week after terrible earthquake, handling every dead body arriving, embalming as many as one can, packing them with sheets, helping the relatives of the dead to identify their near & dear who have died, or whatever came his way. Other volunteers were doing their turns, able to work for 2-3 hours at a go and then break while this person continued without break. The hospital Doctors and staff were so very impressed that they even offered to employ him which he simply declined.

The trauma of handling dead bodies is enormous and yet this young man never complained, no murmur, just performing his d…