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#SewaInternational volunteers serving food #NepalRelief

Sewa International volunteers serving food.

Lets Join hands and help the needy Victims of Nepal Earthquake

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Saluting the Spirit of volunteerism by #HSSNepal

The spirit of Swayamsevak
With every passing day in Nepal, my admiration for the dedication of the HSS Swayamsevaks with which they are serving the earthquake affected grows many times. I am watching a batch of 20 Swayamsevaks who were at the airport receiving relief material and transporting the same to Gaushala- the storage place. They were doing the task all through yesterday. The same batch of Swayamsevaks again attended another flight coming from Delhi last night and transported 30 Metric Tons of relief material that includes mainly rice, tarpaulins, ready to cook food, and sundry items till 4-00AM morning today, it was three truckloads of material. I visited the Gaushala this noon to find the same batch of volunteers loading the material to smaller trucks for transportation to various distribution sites. There are no paid coolies to load & unload the rice sacks or packs of Tarpaulins. Most of the Swayamsevaks are college students and youth. The job is thankless and they do no…

Heart touching Contentment from Nepali Earthquake Victims : #Sewabharati

We decided to travel to places unreached till this date in Sindhupalchok district. The target was Thakani group of villages as well as the far flung Maathi group of villages. A group of villages under a panchayat is called Gavisa here and this is the last administrative unit in Nepal. A batch of volunteers reached Thakani and had to return as it was already sunset while the other batch ventured beyond to reach out to Maathi where people from 6 villages had gathered even late in the evening for receiving relief material.
We had a surprise experience in one of the hamlets of Thakani Gavisa. People gathered around the vehicle and demanded the material telling that their village has not received the material as yet. The relief material truck had Rice, Chivda, tarpaulins, medicine, torch lights and everything loaded. However the villagers were content to demand just the tarpaulins and told that they do not need anything else for the time being, understanding the need of people in higher ran…