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#Sewabharati Doctors performed 23 surgeries #NepalRelief

From the Facebook page of Dr Shravan Srinivasan, Bangalore
Completed 3 days of intense work at Nepal. We have performed 23 major surgeries of ortho, neuro and general at 2 hospitals- Chirayu and Vayodha. Done TOTALLY FREE including medicines and implants! 
Have also screened and treated a total of 300 patients - both OP and IP! 
We had carried 25 boxes of medicines, injections, bandages and implants from Bengaluru. 
We are very happy that God has given us this opportunity to serve such patients. 
The experience has been humbling. The team has worked selflessly and fearlessly inspite of all odds. Really proud of each and every team member! Thanks team! Love you guys.