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#SewaInternational Volunteering Experience in #NepalRelief

Earthquake in Nepal
Facebook page of Nishant Aggarwal
I am on a volunteer trip to Nepal since Monday(May 11), working for Sewa International, assisting with the earthquake relief efforts there, but I must say, I wasn't prepared to what I experienced yesterday. 
We were distributing relief materials to people/children of Palathi Village in Barahbisse in district Sindhupalchok when suddenly, we heard the ominous sound of earth shaking and quite literally, earth sank from the feet below. We could immediately see the cracks appearing the loose soil below and ran for cover. There was panic and mayhem all over as everyone was trying to come to terms with the second major earthquake in just 17 days. Luckily, most of the village people/children were in the open ground with us to pickup relief materials averting a major human catastrophe.