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'Sewadham' promoting harmony between North Eastern States and the rest of India

Every now and then we come across the news of discrimination against the residents of North Eastern States from different cities of India. After every such incident, some organizations will stage protest just to grab the attention of media.
But only few genuinely come forward to stop discrimination against the North Eastern people. Sewadham Vidhya Mandir, a school run by Sewa Bharti is one such institution which is working for reducing gaps between North Eastern States and remaining India since 1988. Located on the border of North East Delhi and Loni, Sewadham Vidhya mandir provides free education from class 6th to 12. Fifty percent of the seats in the school are reserved for the students from North East states and the remaining for the students from rest of the nation.
“The school is running on donations alone. Even the five acre land for this residential school was donated to the institution. Our main objective is to completely develop underprivileged, neglected and tribal students…