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A step towards Autism awareness by Navachetana : Sevabharathi Mangalore

Mangaluru, Apr 2: In terms of autism awareness in our cities, most of them fall behind. But the efforts are to make people aware of autism -Navachetana Communication Development centre, Mangalore is at its best to educate more people, especially parents of the autistic child.On World Autism Awareness Day, they conducted Autism Avenue for parents and public to spread awareness about Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Autistic Spectrum Disorders - Autism is a group of complex disorders of brain development and biologically based neurodevelopment disability that inhibits a person’s ability to communicate and develop social relations, may also accompanied by behavioral changes without any particular reason. Any child suffering with Autism if diagnosed in a early stage, Early Intervention (EI), helps these children to make considerable improvement in overall skills and helps them to join any mainstream schools. Navachetana centre is a unit of Sevabharathi, affiliated with Com Deall formally inau…