Draught relief activity on massive scale: Rss Jankalyan Samiti Maharashtra Prant

From last two – three years, Maharashtra is again facing the drought like situation due to less than average rainfall and due to change in pattern of rainfall. During these days, entire Marathwada Region of Maharashtra and some other districts like Solapur, Satara, and Sangli& Ahmednagar are facing acute problem of drinking water and water for agriculture. To tackle this problem, Maharashtra Government is doing its best but as the problem is severer and massive, it requires help from all the corners & sections of the society.

And hence, like last two years & based on its past satisfactory experience in doing relief activities, Jankalyan Samiti has decided to take up this draught relief activity on massive scale and to reach to all the sections of the society to get involved them in doing so.

Jankalyan Samiti has decided to tackle this recent severe drought problem in two ways :

  1. Short Term & immediate relief actions
  2. Long Term Solution for the scarcity of Drinking & Agricultural Water

  1. Short Term & immediate relief actions : Marathwada region of Maharashtra is facing most acute & severe problem of drinking water for human beings& animals and fodder for their cows / buffaloes and bullocks on which common agriculturist is totally dependent upon. And hence Jankalyan Samiti has decided to provide Water Storage Tanks to the worst affected villages of this region, to provide water by water tankers & fodder camps for the animals.
With our past experience following are the tentative costs which one may incur [depending upon the geographical situation] if one decides to provide water for men & animals and fodder for animals :
  • Water for men & animal for a village having population of 1500 people and 150 animals: Water Storage Tank of 5000 Ltr. and 5000 Ltr. of daily water supplyby tankers will cost Rs. 50,000/- per month. Considering need for supply of water from January 2016 to June 2016, it will require Rs. 300,000/- for drinking water for 6 months for entire village including human population and animals.
  • With past experience, to run a fodder camp for 150 animals, it requires Rs. 100/- for one animal i.e. Rs. 15,000/- for one day for all the animals which comes to Rs. 450,000/- for a month & for six months it will be @ 2,700,000/-

Thus to provide water for men & animal and fodder for animal of village having population of approx.. 1500 human & 150 animals for six months, it will cost around 3,000,000/-

  1. Long Term Solution for the scarcity of Drinking & Agricultural Water : RSS Jankalyan Samiti is also engaged in providing long term solution for drinking water & water for cultivation of various crops i.e. for agriculture by carrying out various Water Conservation Projects. These projects are similar to the ambitious plans of Maharashtra Government which is Jalyukta Shivar Yojana. This project is peculiar in nature where no additional land is acquired but the old resources of water are bring in to active mode by repairing, maintaining, etc. wherever necessary. Jankalyan Samiti has implemented these project in at least 15 villages across Maharashtra by widening, straitening, excavating the existing river streams or other sources of water like Nallaha. It also includes maintenance & repairs of existing bunds / very small dams on such rivers or Nallaha. It has given very encouraging results whereby the water levels of existing wells in nearby vicinity has increased, water levels in general has increased and water reservoirs in existing river / Nallaha has increased stock of water, etc.
Thus depending upon the geographical situation water conservation projects are undertaken. For such projects, depending upon the local situation, funds of Rs. 2,000,000 to Rs. 2,500,000/- are required.

Therefore, RSS Jankalyan Samiti appeal to the Society at large to come forward to help these needy, drought affected villages of Maharashtra and thereby contribute towards noble cause. You may opt for any of the solution mentioned above and partner with us in this missionary work.

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Source: http://rssjankalyan.org//Encyc/2016/1/2/Draught-relief-activity-on-massive-scale.aspx


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