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Karnataka - Rashtrotthana Thalassemia Centre - Video story

Karnataka :  Rashtrotthana Thalassemia Centre - Video story

Keshava Seva Samithi Bangalore: Uplifting the urban Slum dwellers

Keshava Seva Samithi is a Charitable Trust founded in 1999
Special focus on the empowerment & social upliftment of slum dwelling families
Focus areas include education, cultural education, health, women’s empowerment
Supported by voluntary efforts and donations by philanthropists

Mission & Vision

"KSS strives towards bringing slum dwellers to the main stream of society through cultural integration and social upliftment"

Our Objectives

Create a sense of dignity, equality & responsibility
Impart values & life skills
Empower women

Who We Are

Keshava Seva Samithi is a Charitable Trust, started in 1999.
Our special focus is on bringing a ray of hope into the lives of Slum dwelling families with particular stress on Children. We conduct classrooms for children under 13 and provide scholarship to those over 13, even upto Engineering and other graduation. We serve in fields of Education, Cultural nurturing, Health, and Women’s Empowerment areas. Our Organization is sup…

Start free health centres on Delhi pattern, says MP

Tribune news service Chandigarh, May 26 Member of Parliament Kirron Kher suggested that free health centres on Delhi pattern be started in each locality of Chandigarh with the cooperation of non-government organisations, such as the Bharat Vikas Parishad and Sewa Bharti to name a few, for providing treatment of minor ailments. She said if such a proposal comes to her from the Administration she would take up the issue with the Centre.
Today a meeting of district city-level vigilance and monitoring committee of the National Health Mission was held at the UT Guest House under the chairmanship of Kirron Kher.


RSS Jankalyan Samiti Maharashtra Prant - Video

Jan 14, 2016
Draught of 1972, that the Maharashtra witnessed was a challenge to all the strata of society and Government as well. Understanding the need of the hour; all government machinery was geared up to be utilized to its fullest capacity, by then chief minister of Maharashtra Mr. Vasantrao Naik. Foreseeing the limitations that any Government has the group of people aware of their social responsibility came forward and formed a forum to fight the severe draught .It was named as ‘R.S.S Dushkal Nivaran Samiti’ [R.S.S. Draught Eradication Committee] .And this time again RSS remain true to the bond of trust that their work had facilitated to the common people. And the people too were motivated to join the helping hands by contributing in every possible way.

Setting an example, orphan boy scores 86%: Sewabharti Trust Ashram Hubli

Setting an example, orphan boy scores 86% - ANI News
Hubli (Karnataka), May 20 (ANI): Overcoming all the difficulties and setting an example, an orphan boy, Gangna, has scored 86 percent marks in the Karnataka Secondary Board Examination. Before coming to Sewabharti Trust Ashram in Hubli, Karnataka, Gangna used to clean train coaches and beg to earn livelihood. Gangna wants to pursue a diploma in engineering to help the society.

Jankalyan Samiti: M-Health, an innovative app with blood donor data and health services launched


Mumbai : Jankalyan Samiti, the social service wing of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has launched first of its kind Mobile application “ M-Health” at the hands of Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadanavis, on Sunday.
Considering the haplessness of relatives, family members and friends, in case of medical emergency, the Janakalyan Samiti has designed the app to get immediate availability of medical help as well as requirement of Blood in crucial stages.
Realizing this social need, the RSS Jankalyan Samiti Kurla has decided to organize a social programme “Sanvedna- Sampark Shakti” (Sensitivity- a Communication Power). A campaign-“Aamhi Raktadate” (We- Blood Donors) was launched on the occasion of 125th birth anniversary of RSS founder Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar, to enroll the blood donors. The volunteers succeeded in enrolling 5000+ Blood Donors.
The blood group wise data is now being published in Book Format which launched on 21 February,…


A medical camp—fixed in Chindanaar Village of Naxalite dominated Abujmarh region of south Bastar—was threatened to be cancelled for certain intra-village rivalry. It was December 12, 2015. A space was requested in a nearby goverment school. I could feel a tensed up Dr Ram Godbole. In a staff room temporarily cleared up for patients’ checkup and testing, a dusty lady walked in with her little son saying that her son takes frequent breaks, while playing and had a frail health. As fear rose in my mind, I nervously put my hand on his chest, and felt the blood rushing through causing chest movement. I called in Dr Ram Godbole and he could also hear the murmur of blood flow. We decided to investigate further. But, it was difficult to explain the parents. The suspicion was that the child had a Congenital Heart Disease but it required to confirm the diagnosis. For that imaging studies were required to be done. We took the address of the child and the Arogya Mitra, Jitu went with parents to hi…

Appeal for Sri Lanka Flood relief by Sewa International

Heavy rains produced by the deadly cyclone in Sri Lanka, have so far displaced more than 3,50,000 people just in Colombo District and 5,75,000 all over Sri Lanka. This has resulted in massive landslide causing atleast 85 confirmed deaths and hundreds more feared buried.  The cyclone storm is expected to cause more harm and predicted to move along Eastern India coast towards Myanmaar.

Sewa International has engaged with its partner Seva International Foundation, Sri Lanka to provide immediate assistance to the affected people.  Following relief activities are being planned.

Sewa International, USA is releasing $10,000 for flood relief activities in Sri Lanka. Please see the appeal below and donate to Sewa International.
The central province in Sri Lanka, the upcountry state of Kegalle is worst hit due to continuous heavy rains. It is feared that more than 400 families are feared buried.
More than 350,000 people have been evacuated by the SL Army.

1. Distrib…

Sewabharati Rajastan Volunteers arrange grains and water for the birds during Summer

Tonk district
Todaraingh :
Sewabharati Rajastan Volunteers arrange grains and water for the birds during Summer at the anneswar mandir.

आसनेश्वर मंदिर पर पांच परिंडे बांधे
टोडारायसिंह | कस्बेके प्राचीन स्थल आसनेश्वर महादेव मंदिर पर बुधवार को सेवाभारती समिति टोडारायसिंह के पदाधिकारियों ने नीम के पेड पर पक्षियों के लिए पांच परिंडे बांध कर उनमें पानी भरा। इस दौरान रोजाना परिंडों में पानी भरने के लिए कार्यकर्ता मोहन गुर्जर को जिम्मेदारी सौंपी गई। इस अवसर पर सेवाभारती के आशीष विजयवर्गीय, शिवराज कुर्मी, पंकज गुर्जर, दीपक गुर्जर, पुजारी सत्यप्रकाश रावल ने सहयोग किया। 


Sevabharathi Telangana Abhyasikas and Summer camps for the needy children

Sevabharathi Telangana runs 153 Abhyasikas in 5 districts. Abhyasika is a student-centered activity in which the study room facility is located near or in the seva basti. Places such as schools or community halls where no activity is carried out during late evening are selected for this activity. Provision is made for adequate light, drinking water and toilets. Students from the seva bastis are invited to the Abhyasika and study there from 6 pm to 8 pm. Here, they can study and complete their homework in a peaceful manner. In this respect, study rooms differ from tuition classes.

Normally the Abhyasika centers are during the Acadamic year and to encourage kids to school and create the right atmosphere sevabharathi runs summer camps fro Govt School children and children in Slums / interior rurals.

Sevabharathi Summer Camp for UrbanSlum children Kotyal village 65 children 3 hrs daily 21 days 
Damarakunta Medak Dist Abhyasikas annual day and summer camp conclusion programme held at Govt Hi…

Punekars join battle against drought: Jnana Prabodhini

Water woes:Jnana Prabodhini volunteers at work digging a well in interior Pune district—Photos: Special Arrangement Social organisations, IT professionals head to affected areas to dig wells, order water tankers Moved by stories of suffering from the drought-affected parts of the state, social outfits and volunteers individuals have stepped forward to take preventive and curative measures to bring some relief to the water-starved region. At the forefront of the effort is social organisation Jnana Prabodhini and a group of IT professionals. Jnana Prabodhini has sent a team from its Natural Resources wing, who are working for a long-term solution for the water crisis in Velhe and Bhor talukas of Pune district by digging wells. “It’s ironic considering the region receives about 3,000 mm of rainfall every year and is one of the wettest regions in the state. Yet, the present situation has come to pass due to inadequate water-harvesting measures,” says Rohan Panse, a volunteer. The hilly te…

Volunteers, IT professionals join drought relief: Jnana Prabodhini

Moved by poignant stories of suffering coming from drought-hit Maharashtra’s hinterland, social outfit volunteers and IT professionals have taken the initiative to look for long-term solutions, besides arranging for water tankers to address immediate needs.A group of volunteers from Jnana Prabodhini have started digging wells in the mountainous Velhe and Bhor taluks of Pune district facing an acute water crisis. “This is ironic considering the fact that the whole region receives about 3000 mm rainfall every year, and is one of the wettest regions. Yet inadequate water-harvesting measures have led to this situation,” said Rohan Panse, one of the volunteers. Women are forced to trudge up slopes for three-four km in search of water. “We are trying to build wells wherever potential springs may be found. Digging in these regions is extremely arduous as one is unable to haul heavy machinery over the mountains. There is also need to arrange for temporary bunds,” said Nachiket Nitsure, one of th…

KESHAV SEVA SADHANA Goa : Making a difference

KESHAV SEVA SADHANA, Goa a voluntary organization established under The Societies Registration Act, 1860 with registration no. 67/Goa/92. It was established with the objective to strengthen socially and economically weaker sections of society by providing Social, Educational and Health Services.
ActivitiesHostels for needy studentsSchools for special childrenAarogya Seva KendraGram Arogya Rakshak YojanaSocial Initiatives
We realized that education, needed to look at first, as there was few opportunities for under privileged children. Many children did not complete their education due to various problems. We decided to help them by starting our first hostel at Canacona. Today, we run three hostels for the under privileged children namely (1) Shree Mataji Mandir Vidyarthi Vasatigruha at Canacona. (82 Students) (2) Shree Parashuram Vidyarthi Vasatigruha at Paingin. (52 Students) (3) Shree Durgamata Vidyarthi Vasatigruha at Netravali. (33 Students)
 Around 167 students are availing these …

Success story of Janakalyan Vidyalaya of Halangur

Success story of Janakalyan Vidyalaya of Halangur. By implementing water conservation techniques Halangur village of Latur has successfully increased ground water level.

RSS Sewavibhag distributed 65 tonnes of Cattle Fodder for farmers at Drought hit districts of North Karnataka

Hubballi May 06, 2016: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) distributed nearly 65 tonnes of Cattle Fodder at different drought hit villages of Northern Karnataka as a part of its drought relief campaign

RSS Karnataka Uttara Pranth Sah-Sanghachalak Aravinda Rao Deshapande, RSS Karnataka Uttara Pranth Sah Karyavah Sridhar Nadgir visited few villages along with other local functionaries and joined RSS team doing fodder distribution. “So far we have distributed nearly 65 tonnes of cattle fodder in 6 districts of northern Karnataka. It will serve the food for nearly 2500 cows. Through RSS relief campaign we could reach almost 1/3rd of farmers of these 6 districts. We appeal we appeal Citizens to donate for RSS initiated Drought Relief Campaign” said Sridhar Nadgir, RSS Sah-Pranth Karyavah of Karnataka North. Hadalagi  Village of Alanda Taluk of Gulbarga district, Bharamakhodi Village of Athani Taluk of Belagavi district, Kodliwada Village of Kundagola Taluk in Dharawada district, Chikli, Matkh…

Uniforms distributed to poor students : Sewabharati panchkula haryana

Uniforms distributed to poor students : Sewabharati panchkula haryana

15 छात्राओं और 15 छात्रों को वितरित की गई यूनिफॉर्म
सेवा भारती संस्था ने शनिवार को राजकीय वरिष्ठ माध्यमिक विद्यालय में 30 जरूरतमंद 15 छात्राओं और 15 छात्रों को यूनिफार्म वितरित की। प्रधान जगदीश भटनागर ने बताया कि संस्था गरीब कन्याओं की शादी में योगदान, विकलांगों की सहायता, बुजुर्गों की पेंशन लगवाने में अकसर मदद करती है। इस अवसर पर आए भाजपा के जिला कार्यकारिणी उपप्रधान गगन सिंह चौहान, कमल रस्तोगी, ऊषा त्रिपाठी, स्कूल प्रधानाचार्य, नरोत्तम शर्मा, कुलदीप शर्मा मौजूद थे।


Drought Relief Work by RSS Jankalyan Samiti on massive scale

RSS Jankalyan Samiti has begun its Drought Relief work on massive scale. Maharashtra is facing worst ever drought after 1972 and the acute shortage of water has become detrimental to the life of common people and to the cattle on which livelihood depends. To overcome this devastating condition, RSS Jankalyan Samiti has initiated many Drought Relief Work as follows : Short Term Measures 1] Cattle Feed Depot : Farmers treat their cattle as their family members, but due to drought, farmers are forced to sale their cattle in the market. Hence providing fodder to these cattle is immense important so that farmers can maintain their cattle for at least next 2–3 months with the help of these fodder depots. 2] Water Storage Tank Distribution : Water is supplied by tanker by the Government. But there is hardly any arrangement to distribute this water, especially among the small villages often called as Vasti or Pada. Hence it is necessary to arrange water storage tanks on these Padas or Vastis so…