Drought Relief Work by RSS Jankalyan Samiti on massive scale

RSS Jankalyan Samiti has begun its Drought Relief work on massive scale. Maharashtra is facing worst ever drought after 1972 and the acute shortage of water has become detrimental to the life of common people and to the cattle on which livelihood depends. To overcome this devastating condition, RSS Jankalyan Samiti has initiated many Drought Relief Work as follows :
Short Term Measures
1] Cattle Feed Depot :
Farmers treat their cattle as their family members, but due to drought, farmers are forced to sale their cattle in the market. Hence providing fodder to these cattle is immense important so that farmers can maintain their cattle for at least next 2–3 months with the help of these fodder depots.
2] Water Storage Tank Distribution :
Water is supplied by tanker by the Government. But there is hardly any arrangement to distribute this water, especially among the small villages often called as Vasti or Pada. Hence it is necessary to arrange water storage tanks on these Padas or Vastis so that water can be distributed evenly among the villagers.
Long Term Measures
Rainfall of 500 mm – 600 mm is sufficient for any region if every drop of the water is conserved. To do so we need to implement water conservation methods. Things to do,
• Rejuvenate the age old water sources available in almost all villages. These sources of water storage are in pretty bad-shape and need to be rejuvenated by; repairing, cleaning, dredging, desilting them.
• Water resources like rivers, Nallas, lakes, etc. which have become defunct due to lack of maintenance, have to be rejuvenated. The major work here is to desilt these sources so that their holding capacity is increased and moreover they aid in water percolation .
• Existing bunds and bandharas to be repaired, specially to stop leakage.
Drought Relief Work Planned for 2016
Water Storage Tanks
250 in Padas / Vastis
Cattle Feed Depot
25 Depots in 7 Districts
Water Conservation Projects
Latur – 2
Beed – 2
Dharashiv - 2
Solapur – 2
Satara – 5
Nagar – 8
Nashik - 1
Water Arrangement in Forests for animals
Out of this proposed work, 5 Fodder Depots in Latur, Beed & Dharashiv [Osmanabad] districts are already serving needy people and others will be functioning from next week.
The distribution of water storage tanks will start from 23rd April 2016 in 200 Padas / Vastis.
Four Water conservation projects in Nagar, Satara, Beed & Dharashiv is already under process.
Drought relief work at Latur
Marathwada is badly affected region of Maharashtra due to continuous drought like situation for last 3-4 years.
RSS Jankalyan Samiti along with “Art of Living” has decided to solve this problem permanently by rejuvenating Manjara River flowing through Latur.
The work includes; straightening a stretch of 18 Kms, widening it to 80 Mtrs. and deepening it to 3 Mtrs.
Work Particulars
Type of Work
Qty. Cubic Mtr.
Sai Barrage To Nagsari
Excavation & Desilting
Nagsari To Karsa Phoregaon
Excavation & Desilting
Your Support is REQUIRED
How can you support?
• Give your valuable time for the actual field work.
• Donate Generously to RSS Jankalyan Samiti for its Drought Relief Work.
• Generate funds for RSS Jankalyan Samiti for its Drought Relief Work.
• Generate awareness about drought and water conservation in your neighborhood and corporates

 Rss JKS Bank Details
1.F.C.R.A. –083930321

2.Bank of Maharashtra , Tilak Road Branch ,
     Pune : 411030
     S.B.A/C No. : 00000020057103852
     IFSC Code   : MAHB0000041
     MICR Code  : 411014055


3.Bank of Maharashtra , Narayan Peth Branch ,
     Pune : 411030
     S.B.A/C No. : 00000020124528179
     IFSC Code   : MAHB0000154
     MICR Code  : 411014030

4.Janta Sahakari Bank Ltd, Pune
     Tilak Road Branch, Pune : 411030
     Current A/C No. : 014230100002664
     IFSC Code           : JSBP0000014
     MICR Code          : 411074007

After giving donation kindly send e-mail torssjankalyan@yahoo.co.in giving details of
the payment, name & address of the donar,
Mobile no. , etc. ,


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