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Why Kerala’s Most Famous Tribal Activist Decided to Adopt a Girl

In a country where people go to great lengths to have babies, tribal activist CK Janu has adopted a little girl from Chhattisgarh, with the firm belief that all the world’s children are our own and that people should give orphaned children love and care.
Janu says she always wanted to adopt a girl and applied for child adoption in Kerala around a year ago. However, she realised that the waitlist was long.
I am not bothered about where the child is from. All children born in this world are our own.
CK Janu, Tribal Activist, Kerala
She then decided to apply with adoption agencies elsewhere in India and Matruchaya, an adoption centre in Bilaspur, Chattisgarh run by Seva Bharti. Once inspections and verifications were over, on January 8, Janu’s wait for her daughter finally ended, with every procedural detail completed. The pair finally reached Kalpetta village, where Janu lives. Janu named the girl CK Janaki.

Giving birth to a child and taking care of our own children is common, but grea…