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Sewabharati Rajastan: Bhajan held at Gomatwada Bunkar slum

गामोठवाड़ा में भजन संध्या हुई

सागवाड़ा। गामोठवाड़ा की बुनकर बस्ती में भजन संध्या हुई। सेवाभारती के जिलाध्यक्ष डॉ. महेशचंद्र शुक्ला ने बताया कि संस्था के प्रकल्प के तहत सुरेश शर्मा, अश्विन सोनी, हितेश भावसार, नागेश शर्मा, दीपक उपाध्याय, राजू बुनकर मुकेश बुनकर ने एकादशी के उपलक्ष्य में देररात तक भजन संध्या में भजनों की प्रस्तुति दी। इस दौरान डॉ. गौरीशंकर कुलखंध्या, दत्तात्रेय देशमुख, किशनलाल वर्मा सहित सेवा भारती के सदस्य और मोहल्लेवासी शामिल थे।

Support #JalayuktLatur : RSS Jana kalyan Samithi Maharashtra

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has initiated several projects in 12 drought-affected districts of Maharashtra, Dr Upendra Kulkarni said on Wednesday. “Jankalyan Samiti of RSS has initiated 167 projects in these 12 districts. We had successfully completed five water conservation projects in Marathwada in 2013 that helped 100 villages,” Kulkarni, Paschim Kshetra Seva Pramuk (zonal head of services wing), told reporters at a press conference.

Along with a few organisations working in the field of water conservation, the RSS has come up with a plan to build barrages as well as widening, deepening and rejuvenation of rivers in 12 districts with an expenditure of Rs 7 crore, Kulkarni said, adding that a group of expert engineers has undertaken survey of severely affected villages in Aurangabad and Jalna.

Farmers from 100 villages where the projects were conducted could water their crops because of the increased water level, Kulkarni said. A mass awareness programme too would be conducted in …