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Drought Relief Work by RSS Jankalyan Samiti on massive scale

RSS Jankalyan Samiti has begun its Drought Relief work on massive scale. Maharashtra is facing worst ever drought after 1972 and the acute shortage of water has become detrimental to the life of common people and to the cattle on which livelihood depends. To overcome this devastating condition, RSS Jankalyan Samiti has initiated many Drought Relief Work as follows : Short Term Measures 1] Cattle Feed Depot : Farmers treat their cattle as their family members, but due to drought, farmers are forced to sale their cattle in the market. Hence providing fodder to these cattle is immense important so that farmers can maintain their cattle for at least next 2–3 months with the help of these fodder depots. 2] Water Storage Tank Distribution : Water is supplied by tanker by the Government. But there is hardly any arrangement to distribute this water, especially among the small villages often called as Vasti or Pada. Hence it is necessary to arrange water storage tanks on these Padas or Vastis so…