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Volunteers, IT professionals join drought relief: Jnana Prabodhini

Moved by poignant stories of suffering coming from drought-hit Maharashtra’s hinterland, social outfit volunteers and IT professionals have taken the initiative to look for long-term solutions, besides arranging for water tankers to address immediate needs.A group of volunteers from Jnana Prabodhini have started digging wells in the mountainous Velhe and Bhor taluks of Pune district facing an acute water crisis. “This is ironic considering the fact that the whole region receives about 3000 mm rainfall every year, and is one of the wettest regions. Yet inadequate water-harvesting measures have led to this situation,” said Rohan Panse, one of the volunteers. Women are forced to trudge up slopes for three-four km in search of water. “We are trying to build wells wherever potential springs may be found. Digging in these regions is extremely arduous as one is unable to haul heavy machinery over the mountains. There is also need to arrange for temporary bunds,” said Nachiket Nitsure, one of th…