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Sevabharathi Telangana Abhyasikas and Summer camps for the needy children

Sevabharathi Telangana runs 153 Abhyasikas in 5 districts. Abhyasika is a student-centered activity in which the study room facility is located near or in the seva basti. Places such as schools or community halls where no activity is carried out during late evening are selected for this activity. Provision is made for adequate light, drinking water and toilets. Students from the seva bastis are invited to the Abhyasika and study there from 6 pm to 8 pm. Here, they can study and complete their homework in a peaceful manner. In this respect, study rooms differ from tuition classes.

Normally the Abhyasika centers are during the Acadamic year and to encourage kids to school and create the right atmosphere sevabharathi runs summer camps fro Govt School children and children in Slums / interior rurals.

Sevabharathi Summer Camp for UrbanSlum children Kotyal village 65 children 3 hrs daily 21 days 
Damarakunta Medak Dist Abhyasikas annual day and summer camp conclusion programme held at Govt Hi…