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Union Minister Jitender singh Lauds efforts of SewaBharti Jammu & Kashmir

Minister of State in the PMO Jitendra Singh addressing the programme of Sewa Bharti, Dr Singh lauded the role, selfless service and dedication of volunteers associated with the organization. He said they are doing a yeoman’s service to the nation.

Dr Singh, who also inaugurated the road to Disha Chatarvaas, said that it was constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 50 lakh. He assured the organization members that he will be ready to do any work for the betterment of this social organisation assigned to him future too.

While lauding the role of Disha Chatarvaas run by Sewa Bharti he said, out of 40 students who come from various areas of the State, 10 are Muslims and this institute has kept the Guru Shisha Parampara (teacher-student tradition) alive. “When the people are involved in caste, communal and regional conflicts, the institutes like Disha Chatarvaas have kept our hopes of unity in diversity alive”. “The problems faced by the nation will not have  solution through the political spe…

Tree plantation drive by Sewabharti Punjab at Mauzam Govt high School

Tree plantation drive by Sewabharti Punjab at Mauzam Govt high School 
सेवा भारती ने मौजम के सरकारी स्कूल में किया पौधारोपण
संवाद सूत्र, फाजिल्का समाजसेवी संस्था सेवा भारती की ओर से चलाए जा रहे पौधारोपण अभियान के तहत गांव मौजम के सरकारी हाई स्कूल में पौधे लगाए गए। संस्था के पदाधिकारी बाबू लाल अरोड़ा व आकाश डोडा ने विद्यार्थियों को पर्यावरण संरक्षण का महत्व बताया। स्कूल में संस्था की ओर से 25 पौधे लगाए गए। इस मौके पर सेवा भारती के सदस्य जगदीश कटारिया, चांद गुप्ता, केवल कृष्ण सेठी, महेंद्र त्रिपाठी, स्कूल स्टाफ परमजीत कौर, ¨रपल, कमलेश रानी, राजेश सक्सेना, क्रांति कंबोज, अशोक सचदेवा व अरुण गुप्ता मौजूद