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The Co operative bank welfare society donates rice to Sevabharathi Bhojanamritam

The Co operative bank welfare society, Nagole Hyderabad performed Annapurnadevi pooja and donated 200kg of rice, 5 kg each of dal, tamarind, oil etc .

The Donation is Worth about Rs. 15000/- and will go to the Bhojanamritam programme.

The Programme is an effort by Sevabharathi, Shivananda ashram and Alumni of gandhi College to serve food to the needy and poor attendants that accompany the patients from far off villages.

The programme Bhojanamritam serves food to 350 per day is run at a building run by Sevabharathi, Secunderabad Nitya Annadanam in Gandhi Hospital campus the Shelter home.

The Co operative bank welfare society, Nagole also gave 5 kg of Limits and requested to send them to Sevabharathi run Orphanages the Vastalya Sindhu or the Vaidehi Ashramam.

They also assured to donate in regular intervals . They have also presented a memento of Annapurna Devi Amravati to Sevabharathi, Secunderabad.