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Seva Bharathi in association with Infosys distributed Rs 5 Lakhs books to ESI Medical College

Seva Bharathi has requested Infosys employees CSR team Mamata to help Medical students from ESI hospital with books to improve their library. Mamata team agreed to the request of Seva Bharathi and collected information to understand the requirement, the necessity & priority of the request and finally verify if it is for the right beneficiaries.

During our verification visit to the college, we learnt that this college has 50% seats reserved towards Insurer Persons Quota (i.e.,ESI Insurance contributors whose monthly income is below Rs.15,000). The college began in Oct,2016 and many of the students had requested the professors and Dean to assist in helping them with the text books as they are too expensive.

Mamata team had multiple discussions on why, what, how and to who it should be contributed as we generally sponsor only under-privileged students. We came to an understanding that medical books are too expensive and is a burden on ESI contributors apart from the Annual fees …