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Sevabharathi Telangana Prathima Hospital free Mega medical camp Nimboliadda Hyderabad

Sevabharathi Telangana in association with Prathima Hospital organised a free Mega medical camp on Sunday 2nd April at its office in Nimboliadda Hyderabad. 20 doctors Specialists in the camps include Orthopedic, Opthomology, Cardiology, Physiotherapy and Dental. The Patients from 6 surrounding slums were treated including 71 for Orthopedic problems, 71 general, Opthomology 70, Dental 28. Tests conducted including ECG 21, RBS 256, BMI FAT 140

Tests including RBS, ECG, BMI FAT,  conducted for free as well as Medicines were distributed to the patients after checkup. Orthopedic needy patients were given free knee caps.